Geophysical Services

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We provide technical expertise manpower to Saudi Aramco in Geosteering operations. We have global experience in land vibroseis, dessert, OBC, swamp, heliportable, highlands, marine, transition, shallow water and experienced with all significant contractors and recording systems.Experience working in all terrains. Planning of seismic acquisition survey parameters and technical specifications. Tender preparation and contractor pre-qualification Bid analysis, award discussions and contracts management Survey operations and geodetic analysis

All seismic contractors these days have a commitment to quality, if only because such a commitment is a commercial necessity. However, there will always be a difference in emphasis between the contractor (and perhaps the contractor's field personnel especially) and the client company when interpreting contractual specifications. Technical Audits and Test Tape Analysis.

The technical audit of a land seismic crew or marine vessel seeks to provide a benchmark of the technical capabilities of the contractor at crew level. This is done by in-depth assessment of the contractor's equipment and personnel and by analysis of the description and application of the contractor's quality control procedures. We provides a full range of geological and geophysical services to assist the oil and gas community in all forms of petroleum exploration.

The services offered by Saudi Geophysical Consulting Office includes (but are not limited to) the following: Prospect Evaluation We provide generation, evaluation, and interpretation of both Geological and Geophysical prospects. We integrate all available forms of Geological data (subsurface maps, well logs, etc.) and Geophysical data (Seismic, Gravity, Radiometric, etc.) to render a complete Geoscience perspective to prospect evaluation and recommendations.

Capabilities " Global experience in all terrains (Land/Transition Zone/Deep and Shallow Water) " Experienced with all significant contractors and recording systems " Many of the consultants have significant navigation experience and are able to work "back-to-back" during a marine survey with a professional navigator to provide 24 hour coverage " Consultant's skills can also be applied to the QA aspects of activities such as the acquisition of VSP and Site surveys

The responsibilities of our QC personnel - It our opinion that real time quality control supervision is beneficial for the following reasons: Safeguarding Health, Safety & Environment Ensuring optimum data quality Ensuring objectives are achieved Ensuring commercial value Maintaining standards of Client Company Providing valuable feedback to our clients Ensuring optimum data quality.

Field QC 3D volumes for land seismic data.

Geoesteering Services.

Vibrators in production, log sweep, parellelogram array with move-up.