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Geoscience Supplementary Manpower

Geoscience Supplementary Manpower 2012 till date Saudi Geophysical had awarded contract with Saudi Aramco for Geosience Supplementary Manpower started on 2012 up to now for all exploration and Unconventional Resources Organization with the following position: Geosteering Geologists Specialist Operation Geologistic Wellsite Geologists Consultant Seismologist Geologists Assistants Navigation Specialist HSE Specialist Petroleum system Specialist (Unconventional) Channel...
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Data Management Project

DATA MANAGEMENT & DIGITIZING SERVICES 2002 TILL DATE On 2002 Saudi Geophysical started business with Saudi Aramco for different services Data Management, Digitizing Services, Geoscience Supplementary Manpower. Indexing and Scanning Projects Saudi Geophysical scanning, indexing and QC checks the images passed to central RAID server for interim stage before being uploaded to the Saudi Aramco...
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Seismic Data Acquisition Quality Control

Seismic Data Acquisition Quality Control Since 2007, SGCO has the honor of serving Aramco,among other client, in 2D/3D seismic data acquisition QC in the following services: Seismic survey services & QC Seismic Processing QC HSE supervision & monitoring Our services extended to cover onshore, offshore & transition zone surveys in addition to ground & airbone...
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Wellsite Geological Services

Wellsite Geological Services SGCO since 2006 was selected to provide wellsite geological service to Saudi Aramco. SGCO have specialist wellsite geologists and mud logger to service the needs of our clients. Since then SGCO has built a very experienced competent teamin tacking different types of well(e.g. Vertical, directional sidetrack, horizontal, multilateral and wells). Our experience...
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Core Description Digitizing

Core Description Digitizing Saudi Geophysical has a contract with Aramco to digitize the core description data employing SGCO experts. The aim of the Digitizing project is to get soft digital copy of the recent legacy core description SGCO Digitizing team has managed to establish geological symbol legend that approved & used in Aramco.
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Geo-Steering Operations

GEOSTEERING OPERATIONS Since 2005, SGCO is providing online geo-steering supervision services to Saudi Aramco. Utilizing the latest technology in monitoring LWD/MWL for horizontal drilling. Real time monitoring of multiple wells. 24 hours real time cover. 3D technical geosteering methodology. Online analysis interpretation of geology. Saudi Aramco has commended the services being provided by giving Excellent...
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