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Gravity & Magnetics Services

Gravity & Magnetics Services We provide land and Marine Gravity & Magnetic services for the Oil & Gas industry, as well as for Mineral prospecting and any other research our clients need to do using Gravity and Magnetic data acquisition method. Our services goes from acquisition, processing and final interpretation deliverable. We use LaCoste-Romberg Model-G...
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3D QC Processing

3D QC PROCESSING We could provide some of our consultants to go the the final processing center, else to the seismic crew and perform Field QC Processing. Whether the algorithms and routines being used by the procesors, contain all relevant process flows and sequence in order to get a good proper interpretation without pitfalls. We...
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Field QC Supervision

FIELD QC SUPERVISION Our approach to satisfy our client’s demands while providing QC services is to make sure all the electronics for the marine or land equipment is in good shape and performing according to the industry standards. We believe that there is no good geophysics if the electronics is bad; therefore if the electronics is good,...
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Land & Marine 3D Design

LAND & MARINE 3D DESIGN We provide current techniques of 3D seismic design for land, marine, and ocean-bottom cable surveys. Our existing workshop is utilized to reinforce the elements of data acquisition design, and case histories are used wherever feasible to demonstrate the effectiveness of different techniques. Survey design considerations are related to data processing...
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Technical Start-up Audits

Field Start-Up Engineer: Saudi Geophysical Consulting could provide with a Field Start-up Engineer where field QC systems are involved to ensure correct installation of hardware and software and interface to the geophysical contractors systems for extraction of pertinent QC information. These individuals are highly experienced Q.C’s and would typically also run any parameter testing required....
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