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Environmental Services

Environmental Services Municipal Waste Site selection, Design & Construction of Landfills. Monitoring & Management of Landfills. Development of Regulatory Codes & Standards for Municipal Waster Collection & Disposal. Monitoring & Assessment of Air & Water Quality. Database Design & Implementation of Municipa Waste Generation. Environmental Risk Assessment Studies. Industrial Waste Hazard Potential Studies of Industrial...
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Water Resources Services

Water Resources Services Ground Water Groundwater exploration and assessment. Design and development of wells and well fields. Site Selection for drilling. Groundwater pumping and operation policies. Groundwater simulation models Groundwater contamination and remediation actions. Groundwater quality and stability. Surface Water Watershed Modeling. Flood control measures. Design and operation of dams and reservoirs. Surface water contamination....
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Geophysical Services

Geophysical Services We provide technical expertise manpower to Saudi Aramco in Geosteering operations. We have global experience in land vibroseis, dessert, OBC, swamp, heliportable, highlands, marine, transition, shallow water and experienced with all significant contractors and recording systems.Experience working in all terrains. Planning of seismic acquisition survey parameters and technical specifications. Tender preparation and contractor...
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