Land & Marine 3D Design


We provide current techniques of 3D seismic design for land, marine, and ocean-bottom cable surveys. Our existing workshop is utilized to reinforce the elements of data acquisition design, and case histories are used wherever feasible to demonstrate the effectiveness of different techniques. Survey design considerations are related to data processing issues to achieve an integrated data acquisition/processing system. A review of the fundamentals of interpretation of 3D data volumes is also being taken in consideration. Furthermore, we take in consideration the 3D survey design, “WHY IS NEEDED”. The survey parameter definitions, marine navigation and cable positioning considerations, marine acquisition techniques, land 3D acquisition techniques and a brief look at the 3D data processing (statics, DMO, migration, PSTM, PSDM, etc).

We evaluate and interpret previous 2D or 3D seismic data available in the area, we scout the area and find out what are the target needs for our client’s are and then we embark into a successful 3D design, minimizing the effects of the acquisition footprint an to obtain the best possible sub-surface geology image of the earth. We deliver the design in a full report including the pre-plot SPS data file for the surveyors and observers.

The image shows one of our 3D designs, including the CDP fold plot, all offset ranges, the design table template, rays from one single SP and its coverage for the patch, the template and the shooting patch for the Salvos.


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