Gravity & Magnetics Services

Gravity & Magnetics Services

We provide land and Marine Gravity & Magnetic services for the Oil & Gas industry, as well as for Mineral prospecting and any other research our clients need to do using Gravity and Magnetic data acquisition method. Our services goes from acquisition, processing and final interpretation deliverable. We use LaCoste-Romberg Model-G and ZLS Dynamic gravity meters and Geo-metrics Magnetometer meters.

Our new equipment is fit with latest sensor that eliminates the cross-coupling errors inherent in older beam-type gravity meters by constraining the proof mass to vertical linear motion. Damper adjustments are no longer required. Raw data from the accelerometers, gyros, and gravity transducer are digitized 200 times a second with a 16-bit A/D converter and processed by the embedded computer. Analog signal outputs to control the motor and gyros are provided by a 16-bit D/A converter, which is also updated at 200 Hz. Slightly filtered data are transmitted to the host computer once per second. The host computer stores all data on hard disk and can simultaneously direct data to the video monitor, serial port, and printer in a variety of formats. Either a numerical or graphical format may be selected for display on the printer. In high-resolution marine and airplane modes, raw data are recorded once per second, allowing the user to custom filter the data for specific applications. In marine mode the data are filtered in appropriate manner for marine data and recorded at

The new sensor utilizes liquid damping that virtually eliminates the sensitivity to vibration common in air-damped sensors. Residual imperfection errors, due to minute variations in manufacture of the system are typically three to five times smaller than those for beam type sensors. Unlike beam type meters, imperfection errors are stable with time and do not require regular testing to track changes. The new design eliminates the “slope error” prevalent in beam meters that causes reading errors with beam position under dynamic conditions.

At present time, we are acquiring gravity data in the Arabian Gulf on board the marine seismic vessel M/V Orion owned by CGGVeritas, the project area name is S-58. The sub-contractor operating the acquisition of the ZLS gravity meter is Austin Exploration from Texas, USA. The gravity data is acquired continuously during the 3D seismic data survey acquisition, the estimated survey size will be approximately 25,000 linear kilometers with gravity data. The gravity data processing is done in our offices in Al-Khobar using the software: ARKAP – ARK’s internally developed software, runs on Linux O/S Interpretation software: ARKField, that runs on Linux O/S. We are including some samples images of the data processing done by our company.

The image shows a gravity map, the color scale is not written in milligals. The red color (positive Bouguer anomaly) represents rocks with higher density compared with other surrounding rock formations and layers. Furthermore the blue colors enhance areas with a lesser density (negative Bouguer anomaly). This alternance of red/blue colors could depict the underground morphology of the main geological formation in the surveyed area. The terrain correction due to the marine compartments have been already applied to the field data.


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