Technical Start-up Audits

Field Start-Up Engineer:

Saudi Geophysical Consulting could provide with a Field Start-up Engineer where field QC systems are involved to ensure correct installation of hardware and software and interface to the geophysical contractors systems for extraction of pertinent QC information. These individuals are highly experienced Q.C’s and would typically also run any parameter testing required. Their presence would typically only be required at the start of operations. Duties include the following:

Start-up of data collection to check instruments cables and phones, telemetry units, etc.
Any field testing and parameter selection would be done in liaison with the Project Geophysicist for Operating Company during this period.
Installation of QC Systems (hardware and software), as required, with interfacing to the geophysical contractors systems as applicable.

The image shows a vibrator source array, sweeping in parallelogram formation ready to be tested for Radio Similarity and later on Hardwire similarity. We understand the importance of the Peak Force, Fundamental Ground Force, Harmonic Distortion, Phase and the Ground Stiffness and Viscosity. Generally all the attributes from each vibrator.
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